Indian Farmers Movement (INFARM)


Indian Farmers Movement (INFARM)

Indian Farmers Movement (Infam) is an independent secular organization of farmers established in Kerala on 9th December 2000, under the patronage of the Catholic Church.

It provides a common forum for all the Indian farmers, irrespective of their caste, creed and political affiliations, to work together for the welfare of the farming community. It aims at liberating the farmers from the adverse effect of globalization and liberalization and protects the rights of the farmers. It enables the farmers to inform their problems to the authorities.

Activities of Infam


  1. Infam makes a common forum for all farmers
  2. Infam is the voice of the voiceless farmers and Infam leaders could reach the crucial problems of the farmers to the government, authorities.
  3. Infam arranges various seminars and workshops at various parts of Kerala.
  4. Infam encourages and promotes organic farming to safeguard the health and life expectancy and it discourages and takes measures to ban the use of chemicals and pesticides.
  5. For organic farming infam provides seeds and organic manure.


  1. Value added products:- INFAM is also planning to get help from Central and State Government for value added products from agricultural commodities.
  2. Provided vegetable seeds to the farmers and arranged training.


  1. Request the Government for the Farmer’s pension:- INFAM repeatedly requested the Government to arrange pension and other benefits for farmers as like any other employed persons in the country.
  2. Thalassery diocese already started a Bio mountain Farmers Producers company on 19th November 2020, inaugurated by Kerala chief minister Sri. Pinaray Vijayan.
  3. Now we are planning to restructure infam and start its units in all diocese of Kerala by January after the effects of corona.



Kerala Church is greatly indebted to the farmers for its growth. So Church has a great responsibility to safeguard the farmers and their genuine rights.

It is my proud privilege on behalf of Infam our heart full thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Remigiose Inchananiyil Bishop of Thamarassery, Infam national patron. Your open heartedness and far sighted advice have accelerated the activities of Infam. We are grateful to all Bishops of Kerala as your good will and timely interventions boosted Infam in the past years.

As I place this annual report here in KCBC, I humbly implore your blessings and look forward to your whole hearted cooperation and guidance in coming years.

Office Bearers