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KCBC Commission for Labour & Migrants,  Kerala Labour Movement (KLM)

Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is the official organization of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council for the labourers and aiming at the  integral ie., spiritual, social, cultural and economic development of all workers especially the unorganized workers. It was begun in 1974 after the institution of commission for labour by KCBC.  KLM was reconstituted in 2002 as an NGO registered with government.

KLM visualize a just society where all the workers enjoy dignity, equity, harmony and fullness of life. The movement stands committed for the empowerment of the workers irrespective of caste, class and religion through social mobilization, decentralized participatory planning, promotion of good governance, gender justice and environmental sustainability.

Empowerment of the unorganized workers is being done through the human and institutional Development, Leadership Promotion and Capacity Building Programs are the key objects of the KLM. Promotion of gender justice among the unorganized workers of the State through empowering and strengthening of the women unorganized workers, creating appropriate support mechanisms and legal help forums. Ensuring Social Security for the unorganized workers by providing assistance to enroll and retain in the welfare schemes which are managed by the state government. Improve the employability of the unorganized workers through skill up gradation, labour linkages and placement services. Enhance the negotiating and bargaining strength of the workers by creating labour trade unions in various sectors of work are the major objectives.

The movement is keen in the proper dissemination of the information on the rights and duties of the workers, justice and accountability in perspective of the church and the international labour organizations and ensure its truthful implementation in the labour settings. To raise awareness (Lobbying) for the appropriate labour legislations and the rightful implementation of the existing labour laws of the country for the benefit of all workers especially, the unorganized workers.