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Theology Commission of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) is set up for bringing to limelight the official teachings of the Catholic Church in the context of the present day challenges of the Church in Kerala. The commission is determined to intervene effectively in the theological issues arising time to time and present the authentic teaching on various issues as needed.


  • To be theological resource body for the KCBC and thus to facilitate the process of developing theology in the context of Kerala, suited to the pastoral needs of the Church.
  • To analyze theological problems that arises occasionally in the field of the theological doctrine and faith and to recommend apt solution thereof.
  • To equip the laity in the modern world with the theological skills and thus to make them true evangelizers and missionaries of Jesus Christ.
  • To strengthen the faithful in ongoing theological discernment, ecumenical dialogue and interfaith collaboration.
  • To warn the people of the danger of distorted teachings which are harmful to genuine Catholic faith.
  • To prepare documents of theological nature at the request of the KCBC and POC Commission.
  • To offer studied theological response to Vatican documents in the context of Kerala.
  • To establish an organic collaboration with Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF), the Doctrinal Commissions of the Episcopal Conferences of FABC, CBCI and of the Churches sui juris in Kerala.



The commission at present functions actively under the efficient leadership of Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Mar Tony Neelankavil as its Chairman, Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop James Anaparambil and Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Mar George Madathikandthil as its Vice Chairmen and Rev. Dr. Stanley Mathirappilly as Secretary. The joint secretaries of the Commission are Rev. Dr. Wilson Srambikal OCD and Rev. Dr. Cheriyan Kottayil.