Pastoral Training Institute









The Pastoral Training Institute is the training department of the Pastoral Orientation Centre, the Secretariat of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC). The Institute coordinates various training programmes organised by the POC. It offers diverse courses, seminars and other programmes for laity, religious and priests. The goal of the courses offered by the PTI is to provide an orientation as well as integral formation to faithful to deepen their faith and handing on the faith in an effective way in their local context. The PTI offers a platform for the faithful from there ritual Churches to come together, discuss, study and imbibe the magisterium of the Church there by enthusiastically involve in the various apostolic ministries of the Church.


1.1. Two Years Residential Theology and Psychology Course:

It is an integrated course in Psychology, Sacred Scripture, Theology, Spirituality, Catechetics, Personality Development, Leadership, Communicative English, Computer and Liturgical Music. The Institute has tied up with University of Madras to provide the students a postgraduate degree in phycology. A certificate course in counseling included in the course would equip the participants to be good counsellors. Apart from the same; the students are awarded Diploma in Religious Studies by the theological faculty of KCBC.

This course is open to lay people, religious brothers and sisters from all dioceses across Kerala. Graduates within the age limit of 17 and 25 are eligible to enroll for this two years course; laypersons however are given preference in admission. 

1.2. One year Pastoral Theology Diploma Course for Religious:

This Course is designed for the religious sisters of various congregations. The course offers advanced sessions in Sacred Scripture, Catechetics, Theology of Women, Second Vatican Council Documents and the Doctrines of the Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church, Spirituality, Post- Conciliar Documents, Church History, Religious Life, Pastoral Communication and Media Education, Church and Other Religions, Introduction to Professional Counseling and Kerala Church’s Pastoral Ministries. Only religious sisters are admitted to this course. The students who successfully complete the course would be awarded a Diploma by the Theological Faculty of the POC.

1.3. “Aspirant’s” Theology Diploma Course: 

Pastoral Training Institute conducts one-year basic course on Pastoral Theology for aspirants of religious life. The classes are on Wednesdays of every week. The participants are introduced to theology, bible, Church history and Church documents, psychology, religious life etc. Qualified professors from St. Joseph’s Pontifical Institute, Aluva, staff professors of the POC and professors from other seminaries are the resource persons.

1.4. Psycho-Pastoral Course on Personality Development and Mental Health: 

The Pastoral Training Institute organizes a Psycho-Pastoral Course on Personality Development and Mental Health. This course is open to all the people without considering their religious belief. This is a weekly course conducted on every Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm. The objective of the course is to foster the mental health of the participants by providing a proper self-understanding and to enable them to help others around them. 

The course content includes introduction to psychology and counseling, psychological needs of women and men at different stages of their growth and life situation, personality development, psychotherapies, Crisis management, TA etc.… Qualified Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists – Counselors, experts of each subject are taking classes.