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Macedonian Greek Catholic Church

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Cathedral of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, StrumicaNorth Macedonia

Classification Eastern Catholic
Polity Episcopal
Structure Eparchy
Pope Francis
Bishop Kiro Stojanov
Region North Macedonia
Liturgy Byzantine Rite
Headquarters Assumption of Mary CathedralStrumicaNorth Macedonia
Founder John Paul II
Origin 2001
Separated from Byzantines of Križevci
Congregations 7
Members 2,000
Ministers 11
Other name(s) Macedonian Greek Catholic Eparchy of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed in Strumica-Skopje


Macedonian: Македонска грчка католичка црква), sometimes called, in reference to its Byzantine Rite, the Macedonian Byzantine Catholic Church is sui juris Eastern Catholic Church in full union with the Catholic Church which uses the Macedonian language in the liturgy. The Macedonian Greek Catholic Church comprises a single eparchy, the Macedonian Catholic Eparchy of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed in Strumica-Skopje.

An Apostolic Exarch was appointed for Bulgarian Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of Macedonia as early as 1883 and lasting until 1922/1924 as part of the Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church.  After the end of World War I and the foundation of Yugoslavia, the Exarchate was absorbed into the Eparchy of Križevci.

In January 2001, a separate Greek Catholic Apostolic Exarchate of Macedonia was formed for Eastern Catholics of the Byzantine Rite in North Macedonia. It was separated from the Eparchy of Križevci and constituted as immediately subject to the Holy See.On the same day (11 January 2001) the Holy See appointed the Latin Bishop of Skopje as the first Apostolic Exarch of North Macedonia.


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