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ANIMATION CENTRE Alagappanagar 680302
0480 2752424
Archeparchial Bible Apostolate Centre Catholic & Pastoral Centre Thrissur 680005
Archeparchial Library D.B.C.L.C Thrissur 680005
0487-2333245- 2320828
Catechetical Centre Thrissur 680005
0487-2333245- 2320828
Catholic Centre & Pastoral Centre Thrissur 680005
0487-2320687- 2322842
Catholic Information Centre Thrissur 680005
Family Apostolate Centre Thrissur 680005
0487-2336066(Off)- 2320008 (Dir)
Franciscan Family Apostolate Nirmalalayam Westfort Thrissur 680004
Institute of Theology Thrissur 680005
0487-2333245- 2320828
Office for the causes of servents of God Madona Nagar St. Mary's Minor Seminary Thrissur 680005
Regional Pastoral Centre Chelakkara Thonoorkara 680 610
Sagar Mission Home Yesu Bhavan- Kuttur
St. Joseph's Priest's Home Thrissur 680005
St. Mary's Minor Seminary Madona Nagar Thrissur 680005
0487-2420891- 2423196
ST. PAUL GURUKULAM Thiruvillwamala P B No. 6 Via Kattukulam Appekad 680588
St. Thomas Archdiocesean Museaum  
Vianney Bhavan Christ Villa P.O. R.V. Puram 680631
0487-2321525- 2320859
Jeruselem Retreat Centre  
Gagultha Retreat Centre  
Atmajyothi Retreat Centre  
Abba Renewal Centre  
Animation Centre  
Jordania Retreat Centre  
St. Mary's Retreat Centre  
St. Mary's Retreat Centre  
St. Norbert's Retreat Centre  


Amala Nursing School
Pope Paul Mercy Home
Asha Bhavan Hss-Special School
Asha Bhavan Hs- Special School
Carmel Mount Special School
Christ King Teachers Training Institute
Jubilee Mission-Medical College
St. Thomas College
St. Mary's College
Jubilee Mission-Nursing College
Navajyothy-B.Ed. College
Don Bosco College
Little Flower College
St. Aloysius College
Jyothi Engineering College
Vimala College
Auxilium Icse Lps
C.K.C. Eng Lps
St. Mary's Lps
St. Raphael's Lps
Holy Redeemer's Lps
St. Mary's Lps
Bethany Lps
St.Theresa's Lps
S.H.Of Mary's Lps
St. Xavier's Ups
St. Antony's Ups
St. Mary's Ups
Holy Child's Ups
Mary Rani Ups
St. Clare's Hs
Sacred Heart Hs
Assisi Emhs
Vijayamatha Hs
Seraphic Hs
Christ King Hs
St. Raphael's Hs
St. Mary's Hs
St. Sebastian's Hs
Little Flower Hs
St. Paul's Cbse Hs
S.H.Of Mary's Hs
Lady Immaculate Hs
St.Theresa's Hs
Carmel Cbse
St. Clare's Hss
Sacred Heart Hss
Vijayamatha Hss
St. Raphael's Hss
Little Flower Hss
St. Paul's Eng.M. Hss
Arimpur High School Hss
Archeparchial Corporate Educaitonal Agen..
Devamatha Corporate Educational Agency
C.M.C. Corporate Educational Agency
C.S.C. Corporate Educational Agency
Franciscan Clarist Congregation Schools
Mattom Forane Corporate Educational Agen..
Navajyothi Educational Agency
St. Antony's Hss
St. Joseph's Hss
Holy Cross Eng. Cbse- Hss
Lourde Matha Hss
De Paul Eng.M.H.S.S
St. Aloysius Hss
St. Thomas Hss
St. Joseph's Eng. Hss
St. Joseph's Model Hss
Don Bosco E.M. Hss
St. Francis Boys Hss
St. Thomas Hss
Nirmal Jyothi Cbse Hss
Holy Angels Eng Hss
St. John's Hss
St. Joseph's Hss
Marymatha Icse Hss
St. Antony's Hss
St. Antony's Hss
Assisi Emhss
Deepthi Hss
Devamatha Cbse Hss
Holy Family Hss
Nirmala Matha Cbse Hss
St. Thomas College Hss
St. Thomas Hss
St. Thomas Hss
St. Antony's Hs
Infant Jesus Hs
Tharakan's Hs
Eng. Med.(Integrated For The Blind) Hs
St. Joseph's Hs
Little Flower Hs
St. Mary's Hs
Lourde Matha Hs
St. Xavier's Hs
St. Sebastian's Hs
De Paul Eng. M.H.S
St. Mary's G.H.S
St. Aloysius Hs
St. Joseph's Hs
St. Thomas Hs
Nirmala Matha Cbse Hs
St. Joseph's Model Hs
St. Jospeh's Model Public Icse Hs
St.Annes Icse Hs
St. Sebastian's Hs
Matha Hs
Don Bosco Eng Hs
Don Bosco Icse Hs
St. Francis Girls (U.P. H.S)
St. Thomas Hs
Bethleham Hs
Little Flower Hs
St. Vincent Palloti Central Hs
St. Joseph's Hs
St. John's Hs
St. Joseph's Hs
St. Antony's Hs
St. Antony's Hs
St. Antony's Hs
Jeevan Jyothi Cbse Hs
Deepthi Hs
St. Thomas Hs
Holy Family Hs
St. Thomas College Hs
St. Thomas Hs
St. Anne's Hs
St. Thomas Hs
Lord's Icse Hs
St. Joseph's Hs
St. Mary's Ups
Dolp Cbse Ups
Nirmala Ups
Nirmala Eng Ups
St. Raphael's Ups
St. Antony's Ups
St. Thomas Ups
St. Joseph's Ups
Mother Of Divine Love Cbse Ups
Little Flower Ups
St. Gemma's Ups
St.Theresa's Ups
St. Ignatius Ups
Holy Family Eng. Ups
St. George Ups
G.Shepherd Cbse Ups
Holy Cross Cbse Ups
Mkmconvent School Ups
St. Francis Icse Ups
St. Joseph's Ups
St. Antony's Ups
Little Flower Ups
St. Elizabeth Ems Ups
St. Antony's Ups
St.Teresita's Ups
Lourdes St. Ups
Lord's (Icse) Ups
St. Pius X Ups
St. F.X.R.C.U.P.S
St. Xavier's Ups
St. Pius X Ups
Holy Angels Ups
St. Joseph's Lps
Maryrani Eng.M.L.P.S
Infant Jesus Lps
Infant Jesus Em Lps
Tharakan's Lps
St. Thomas Lps
St. Francis Lps
St. Antony's Lps
Little Flower Lps
St. Joseph's Lps
St. Sebastian Lps
Cbci Lps
St. Aloysius Lps
St. Mary's Lps
St. Mary's Lps
St.Thomas Lps
Holy Family Lps
St. Thomas Lps
Clare Jyothi Lps
Church School Lps
St. Augustine's Lps
Pope John Lps
Arogyamatha Lps
Little Flower Lps
L.F.Eng.M.Lps Lps
St. Gemma's Lps
Holy Angel Lps
Don Bosco Lps
Don Bosco Central Icse Lps
Don Bosco Lps
Holy Family E M Lps
St. Jose Lps
Mission Home
St. Francis Boys Lps
St. Mary's Lps
Clare Home Lps
Bethleham Lps
St. Joseph's Lps
Christ King Lps
Alphonsa Lps
St. Sebastian's Lps
St. Thomas Lps
St. Mary's Lps
St. John's Lps
Christ King Lps
Little Flower Lps
St. Joseph's Lps
St. Anne's Lps
St. Thomas Lps
Mercy Lps
Little Flower Lps
Seraphic Eng.M. Lps
St. Rochy's Lps
St. Antony's Lps
St. Francis Lps
Holy Family Lps
St.. Mary's Lps
St.Mary's Lps
Little Flower Lps
St. Thomas Lps
Holy Family Eng Lps
Sacred Heart Lps
Sacred H. Eng.Lps
St. Clare's Lps
St. Mary's Lps
St. Sebastian's Lps
St. John Bosco Lps
St. Antony's Lps
St. F.X.L.P.S.
St. Louis Lps
Sacred Heart Lps
Holy Angel's Eng. Lps
St. Francis Lps
Sanjo Nursery School
Mary Rani Nursery School
Assissi Play School
O.L. Of Protection Nursery School
Infant Jesus Eng. Nursery School
Infant Jesus(Mal.) Nursery School
Tharakan's Nursery School
St. Gemma's Nursery School
Holy Corss
St. Thomas Nursery School
St. Antony's Nursery School
Nirmala Nursery School
St.Theresa's Nursery School
Little Flower Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Mary Matha Nursery School
St. Joseph's Nursery School
Vimala Nursery Schoo
Lourde Matha Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Holy Child's Nursery School
St. Sebastian's Nursery School
Vimala Rani Nursery School
Karunalaya Nursery School
Lady Victory Nursery School
Sevanalayam Nursery School
John The Baptist Nursery School
Queen Mary's Play School
Pushparam Nursery School
Holy Trinity Nursery School
Bethseida Nursery School
St.Thomas Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
St. Joseph's Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Preshitharam Nursery School
S.H. Of Mary's Nursery School
St.Theresa's Nursery School
Arogyamatha Nursery School
St. Antony's Nursery School
St.Augustine Nursery School
Carmel Jyothi Nursery School
Maria Bhavan Nursery School
Little Flower Nursery School
Bethany Nursery School
Rcups Nursery School
St. Mary's Nursery School
St. Ann's Nursery School
St. Paul's Nursery School
Cbse Nursery School
Pope John Nursery School
St. Antony's Nursery School
Little Flower Nursery School
St.Gemma's Nursery School
St. Ignatius Nursery School
St.Theresa's Nursery School
Holy Angels Nursery School
St. Anne's Nursery School
Kripabhavan Nursery School
Maria Bambini Nursery School
St. Joseph's Nursery School
St. Francis Nursery School
St. Nursery School
Clare Home Nursery School
St. George's Nursery School
Providence Nursery School
Carmel Mount Nursery School
St. John's Nursery School
Holy Mary's Nursery School
Holy Redeemer's Nursery School
St. Sebastian Nursery School
M. K. M Nursery School
H.F. Kindergarten Nursery School
Holy Mary's Nursery School
Lady Fatima Nursery School
St. Mary's Nursery School
St. Thomas Nursery School
St. Antony Nursery School
J.B.N. Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
St.Theresa's Nursery School
Adoration Convent Nursery School
St. Thomas Nursery School
A. L. P. S
Maria Nursery Schoo
St. John Nursery School
St. John Nursery School
St. Joseph Nursery School
St. Joseph Nursery School
Christ King Nursery School
C. K.C. Eng.Nursery School
Maria Bhavan Nursery School
L. F Nursery School
St. Xavier's Nursery School
St. John Of The Cross Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
St. Thomas Nursery School
Mercy Nursery School
Maria Bhavan Nursery School
Christ King Nursery School
Seraphic Nursery School
Vijaya Matha Nursery School
Little Flower Nursery School
St. Antony's Nursery School
Assumption Nursery School
Holy Cross Nursery School
Mary Rejeena Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
St. Christina Nursery School
Sneha Bhavan Nursery School
St. Joseph's Nursery School
St. Mary's Nursery School
Nazareth Nursery School
Rcups (E) Nursery School
Axilium Nursery School
St. Clare's
O.L. Of Lourdes Nursery School
H. F. Eng Nursery School
Infant Jesus Nursery School
Nirmalalayam Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Scared Heart Nursery School
St. Mary's Sevanilayam Nursery School
Nirmala Matha Nursery School
St. Anne's Nursery School
St. Mary's Nursery School
Nursery School
Holy Family Nursery School
Little Flower Nursery School
Carmel Nursery School
Udaya Nursery School
St. Pius X Nursery School
Assumption Nursery School
Santhom Nursery School
St. Mary's
St. Mary's Nursery School
St. Francis X. Nursery School
C. A. L.P.S.
St. Louis Nursery School
Sacred Heart Nursery School
Clelia Nursery School
Holy Angels Eng Nursery School
Mahajubilee B.Ed & M.Ed College
St. Thomas International Study Centre
Lisieux Parallel College
Lourde Matha Parallel College
Divya Bhavan Parallel College
Queen Mary's Parallel College
Infant Jesus Parallel College
Sanjoe Academy Parallel College
Holy Cross Parallel College
St. Mary's Parallel College
Christ King Parallel College
Vijayamatha Parallel College
Avila Parallel College
Navajyothi Parallel College
Active Parallel College
Nirmala Parallel College
St. Thomas Educational Centre
Lisieux Parallel College
St. Joseph's Teachers Training Institute
St. Joseph's Special School
Infant Jesus Special School
Jai Christo Sadhan Special School
Sneharam Special School
Snehadeepthi Special School
Maria Bhavan Special School
St. Joseph's Nursing School
M.I. Nursing School
St. Vincent De Paul Nursing School
San Jose Nursing School
Lourde Matha (Jubilee Mission) Nursing S..
Thyagarajar-Polytechnic Technical Instit..
I.J.Cul.College- Technical Institute
Good Shepherd Itc
Thozhil Abhysana Peedam Technical Instit..
St. Mary's Itc
Nirmal Technical Institute
St. Mary's Art Studio
St. Joseph's Thozhil Parisheelana Kendra..
Don Bosco Institute Of Tech
Infant Jesus Day Care Centre
Gardian Angel
St. Pious
Excel Academy


St. Joseph's Hospital
Jubilee Mission Hospital
St.Vincent De Paul Hospital
Damien Leprosy
St. Joseph's Hospital
Jeevodaya Hospital
Amala Medical College Hospital
Amala Ayurveda Hospital
M.I.Mission Hospital
St. Joseph's Hospital
Lourde Hospital
San Jose Parish Hospital
St. Antony's Mission Hospital
Paduva Hospital
Homeo Clinic
Health Centre Dispensary
St.. Vincent De Paul Dispensary
St. Vincent Dispensary
Matha Dispensary
St. Mary's Dispensary
Fatima Natha Dispensary
St.Vincent De Paul Dispensary
Little Flower Clinic
St. Joseph's Convent Dispensary
St.Joseph's Dispensary
Jyothi Clinic
St.Augustine Dispensary
St. Martin's Dispensary
Maria Bhavan Dispensary
Little Flower Dispensary
Socio Medical Centre
Jeeva Dhaan Natural Care
St. Antony's Dispensary
Mercy Dispensary
Jubilee Memorial Dispensary
Christ King Dispensary
St. John's Dispensary
Jmmc Urban Health Centre
Mother Euphrasia Bhavan (Homeo Clinic)
Homeo Clinic
St. Christina's Clinic
St. Xavier's Dispensary
Evuphrasiamma Health Home
Homeo Clinic
Assisi Hospital
Marian Clinic
Marian Health Centre
Bl. Mother Mariam Thressia Homeo Clinic
Family Counselling Centre
Chaithanya Clinic
Institute Of Family Counselling
Holy Trinity Counselling Center
Little Flower Counselling Center
Providence Home
Family Counselling Centre
Holy Cross Counselling Center
St.Alphonsa Counselling Center
Family Apostolate
Navajyothi Counselling Center
Santhi Dham Counselling Center
I. F. D. F Counselling Center
Fatri Counselling Center
St. Mary's Counselling Center
Bl.Mother Mariam Thressia Counselling Ce..
Hostels, Care Centers and Orphanages 
Mamma Margarat Home (Ladies)
Christina's Home
Pope John Paul Peace Home
Mareena Home Of St. Anne
Christ Villa Poor Home
St. Joseph's Home
Christ Villa Poor Home
St. Anne's Orphanage
Little Flower Orphanage
St. Lusia Orphanage
Save A Family Plan
Social Action
Seraphic Hostel
Little Flower Hostel
Little Flower Hostel
Mariyan Hostel Jyothi Campus
San Thome Hostel Jyothi Campus
Calvary Social Centre
Christ King Social Centre
Shefy Electronics
Kess Centre
Victory Social Centre
Child Line
Asha Bhavan
Pope Paul Mercy Home Ashavanam
St. Joseph's
St. Joseph's Mental Care Home
Damien Institute
Social Welfare Centre
St. Mary's Orphanage Press
Social Centre Housing
Centre For Career Development
Slum Service Centre
Karuna Trust
Mar Kundukulam Trust
Social Welfare Ideal Forum
Karunya Trust
St. Joseph's Balasadanam
M. I. Boys Town
Savio Home
San Jose Orphanage
Nirmal Bhavan
St. Savio Boys Home
Snehalayam Orphanage
Alvernia Boy's Home
Jyothi Nilayam
Mariam Theresa Nilayam
St. Joseph's Orphanage
St. Antony's Home
San Thom Orphanage
St. Mary's Home
Infant Jesus Orphanage
Bethany Orphanage
Marymatha Balabhavan
St.Mary's Orphanage
St. Vincent Home
Christ King Orphanage
Lourde Nilayam
Holy Angels Orphanage (Babies)
Christ Villa Orphanage (St.Vincent's)
St. Joseph's Orphanage
Angelo Bhavan
Mareena Home
Abhayasadan Aged Home
Home Of Love
Assisi Rehabilitation Centre Rs ( De- Addicti..
Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
Dayasadan Aged Home
Maria Bhavan
Bethany Bhavan
Jeeva Dhaan Aged Home
H.F. Home For The Aged
Assisi Nilayam
Home Of Love
Rafols Bhavan
Anna Mariya Home
St. Joseph's Home
Santhi Sadan Aged Home
Good Shepherd Aged Home
Lisieux Home Of St. Anne
Shehabhavan Aged Home
Nirmala Sadan
Providence Home
Mar Kundukulam Mrrc
Bethania Terminal Care
Jai Christo Sadhan
Mount Calvary
Carmel Mount
Maria Bhavan School
Pope Paul Mercy Home Santhivanam
Pope Paul Mercy Home Ashanilayam
Alphonsa Home
Victory Centre (Women)
School For The Blind
Holy Angels Foundling Home
St. Joseph Social Centre
Social Centre
Vimala Community Ext. Centre
St. Xavier Sss Centre
St. Rita's Social Centre
Infant Jesus Social Centre
Assisi Social Centre
H. F. Social Centre
Calvary Social Centre
Chalice (Student Sponsorship)
Evening Tuition
Micro Economic Program
S.H. Of Mary's Social Centre
Vimalalayam Social Centre
Carmel Jyothi
Nazareth Day Care
Little Flower Social Centre
Sanjo Bhavan
St. Anne's Social Centre
Vinithalayam Social Centre
Bethleham Social Centre
St.Mary's College
D.B. Sneha Sadan
J.B. Social Centre
Madona Social Centre
Seraphic Social Centre
Jyothi Social Centre
Chalice Student Sponsorship
Evening Tuition
Maryland Social Centre
Anna Garments
Our Lady's Centre
St. Martha Social Centre
St.Clare's Social Centre
St. Francis Day Care
Holy Family Social Centre
Nirmala Garments & Tailoring
Home Science Institute
H.F.Socio Medical Centre
Holy Family Social Centre
Papa Nagar Papa Nagar Welfare Community Hall
St. Aloysius Hostel
Christpal Bhavan
Divyakarunia Ashramam
St. Mary's Hostel
Mmb Vidhya Bhavan
St.George Hostel
St.Thomas Hostel
Mary Rani Hostel
Assissi Hostel
O.L Of Protection
Infant Jesus Hostel
St. Clare's Hostel
Lisieux Bhavan
Little Flower Hostel
Divya Hostel
Vimala College
Nirmala Hostel
Queen Mary's Hostel
St. Joseph's Hostel
Presentation Hostel
Mi Hostel (Workers)
Good Shepherd Hostel
Jai Christo Hostel
St. Augustine Hostel
Jmj Bhavan (Hostel For Blind)
Little Flower Hostel
St. Joseph�S Hostel
St. Paul�S Hostel
Bethlehem Hostel
St. Mary�S Hostel
St. Francis Hostel
Don Bosco Hostel
Navajyothi Hostel
Peter Claver
Fatima Hostel
St. Mary�S Hostel
Asha Bhavan
Holy Family
Mary Rani Hostel
Working Women’s Hostel Pope Paul Mercy Home
Vijayamatha Hostel
Good Shepherd Hostel
St. Anne�S Hostel
Navajyothi Hostel
Assisi Hostel
Holy Family
Holy Spirit Hostel
Laverna Hostel
Lourde Natha Hostel
Madona Hostel
Mi Boarding
Nirmalalayam Hostel
Our Lady’s Centre
Sacred Heart Hostel
Sneha Bhavan
St. Mary�S College Hostel
St. Anne’s (Workers)
St. Pius Hostel
St. Joseph's Balasadanam



Assumption Candle Centre Ponnukkara 680014
Assumption Tailoring Centre Ponnukkara 680014
Bl. Mariam Thresia Anchery 680006
Bl. Mariam Thresia Vadookara 680007
Cherusoonam Tailoring Varakkara 680325
Christ King Pavaratty 680507
Divyabhavanam Tailoring Cheroor Thrissur Eng. Coll 680009
H.F. Tailoring Centre Mannuthy 680651
Infant Jesus Tailoring Engandiyur 680615
Jyothi Nikethan Typewriting Vadookara 680007
Lisieux Computer Centre Velur 680601
Lourde Natha Tailoring (Cassock) Thrissur 680005
Maria Bambini Mannuthy 680651
Mary Rani Pavaratty 680507
Nazareth Tailoring Centre Kuriachira 680006
Nirmala Auto Mobiles & Service Station Mariapuram Kuttanellur 680014
Nirmala Computer Thrissur W.F. Poothole 680004
Nirmala Tailoring & Garments Thrissur W.F Poothole 680004
Our Ladies Centre Thrissur 680005
Our Lady's Tailoring Thrissur 680005
Ozanam Centre Puthanpeedika 680642
Sanjo Tailoring Aloor 680603
Sanjo Tailoring Vadookara 680007
St Joseph Brahmakulam 680104
St. Antony's Tailoring Machad Thekkumkara 680608
St. Joseph's Tailoring Puthur 680014
St. Mary's Ollur 680306
St. Mary's Tailoring Peramangalam 680545
St. Mathew's Typewriting Palakkal 680027
St. Rita Cherpu 680561
St. Xavier'S Book Binding Cheroor 680009
St.Thomas Automobile Centre Pavaratty 680507
Vimal Computer Centre Mariapuram Kuttanellur 680014
Printing Press  
Assissi Printing Press Anchery 680006
Lourde Natha Press Thrissur 680005
Madona Offset Press Thrissur 680005
Msgr. P.C.M. Press Thrissur 680005
Neethiman Press Choondal 680551
Santhi Bhavan Press Kannamkulangara 680007
St. Mary's Orphanage Press Kachery 680005
Union Press & MMB Offset Kuttanellur 680014
Victory Press Guruvayur 680102





Media and Public Relations

Boquet (Quarterly- (KCSL)  
Catholica Sabha Pastoral Centre Thrissur 680005
0487-2320687- 2322326
Catholicasabha Publications Catholic Pastoral Centre Thrissur 680005
Charity Blossoms  
Chethana Kalliath Royal Square Thrissur 680001
Encounter Marymatha Mulayam
Holy Family Message  
Kinnaripookkal (Mal) & Kinnari Kids (Eng) Lisieux Ashram Arnos Nagar 680601
04885 285412
Marymatha Publications Mannuthy P.B. No. 7 680651
Maryvijayam 9447183677
Public Relations Office Catholic Archbishop's House Thrissur 680005
Rose of Carmerl 0487-2351241
Trichur Archdiocesan Bulletin Cahtolic Archbishop's House Thrissur 680005
Ushus CLC Thrissur