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The word of Christ "Rogate" is addressed to the whole Church as a universal remedy for the salvation of peoples and is entrusted to us FDZ so that it is known, welcomed and lived by all. It characterizes our consecration and our apostolic commitment.      

With various initiatives, we sensitize the ecclesial community to the need for prayer for the workers of the Gospel, we spread the prayer itself, we promote a vocational culture that values ​​all vocations and ministries in the Church, we accompany the baptized to discover and live their personal vocation as a gift of God is as a generous response of man.     


Vocation ministry (prayer and action for good workers) is not an aspect of spreading the charism, but it is the primary dimension of our life in FDZ, the air we breathe in every moment of our day.   

Who are the "good workers"

Obedience to Jesus' command to pray for good workers, for St. Hannibal Mary, is to be considered in relation to priests, consecrated persons and missionaries and also to those who the Most High pushes, with his divine grace, to work the well in the great harvest of souls.

Indeed, he writes: “ When therefore one wishes to correspond to that great   command… of the Heart of Jesus, it is necessary that… a special intention is put in place that the Supreme God gives rulers according to his Heart to all nations. Other good workers of the mystical harvest are: good educators and good educators . To obey that divine Rogate , it is also worth asking the divine goodness for teachers and educators and directors of institutes , believers, practitioners, fearing Gods, who while instructing the mind with holy instruction, holyly educate the heart. This prayer is also valid, so that the good Lord may give light and thanks to all parents, who have in their hands the great harvest of future generations , so that they may know how to build their children with their example and know how to keep them away from the dangers of the soul, may they raise them with holy education.

Annibale Maria Di Francia, from a young age, sensed, as a gift of God, the importance of prayer to obtain "Holy men and chosen priests". Later he was surprised and penetrated when he discovered in the Gospel those divine words of Jesus: «Messis quidem multa, operaii autem pauci. Rogate ergo Dominum messi ut mittat operaios in messem suam " or " The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest! " (Mt 9: 35-38; Lk 10: 2) and he felt that command was addressed to him to become his apostle and propagator.  

In his priestly ministry among the poor in the Avignon district of Messina, he experienced the drama of the "harvest" without a pastor and in the face of the "paucity" of his strength he found in the word of the Lord the answer to humanity's need for salvation.     

The idea then matured of founding two religious communities which, sharing the compassion of Christ for the abandoned and dispersed crowds, committed themselves with a vow to obey the command of Jesus "ROGATE".

He gave the name of Daughters of Divine Zeal of the Heart of Jesus to the female Institute (March 19, 1887) and of Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus to the male one (September 15, 1901).      

In continuity with Father Hannibal, they are called to harmonize in a single and ardent love for Christ, Divine Rogationist, prayer for the good workers of the Gospel and inexhaustible charity for the little ones and the poor.   

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