Fr Adeodatus, Muthiyavila Valiachan

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Father Adeodatus is remembered for his long-distance travel between parishes in Kattakkada by foot leading prayers at the parishes at Thoongampara, Kallikkad, Thekkupara, Chettikunnu, Kandamthitta, Vavodu, Mukunthara, Kuruthamkodu, Chembanakodu, Mayam, Amboori and Kulavupara. He did this while staying at a parsonage at Muthiyavila.

He died following complaints of uneasiness while he was cycling towards a church at Kuruthamkodu for Holy Mass on October 20, 1968. The walking stick, utensils, cycle, wooden bed and recliner of Fr Adeodatus have been preserved at the St. Albert’s Church at Muthiyavila, Kattakada.